Sunday, 26 September 2021

Integrated Device Management

For the Simple, Centralised Management of Multifunction Copiers & Printers.

Seamless integration into office networks, simple configuration, and several options for easy remote control make machine administration easy.

Sharp's Award Winning Integration Technology

Simplified System Settings

Machine features and settings, including address book control and document filing management, can be configured either through Web-based device management or from the control panel of the machine. And many of Sharp’s MFDs support Web-based device cloning, making it easy to copy settings from machine to machine in a networked environment.

Web Based Device Management 

Printer Administration Utility (PAU) (Bli "Pick of the Year" Winner Spring 2009)
PAU lets you customise monitored items and view settings such as the IP address directly from a PC through a standard Web browser. Sharp’s Remote E-Mail Diagnostics, allows you to easily and conveniently collect automatic meter readings and device alerts via e-mail messages. The Printer Status Monitor will alert you if the machine runs low on toner or paper, allowing you to avoid the interruption of copy/print jobs due to empty paper trays or toner cartridges.

Web Based PAU5

Printer Status Monitor         

Remote Operation
The Remote Operation function enables users and/or administrators to remotely view the MFP control panel and control MFD features and functions from an office-networked PC.