Sunday, 26 September 2021

Scan² Technology

Double your productivity with Scan2 technology by scanning both sides of a document in one pass



Sharp's innovation enables high performance multi function copiers to deliver superior quality and output. But that's not all. These multifunction copiers are built with a 150-sheet Duplex Single Pass Feeder and Sharp's innovative Scan2 Technology allowing you to scan both sides of a 2-sided document in one pass minimising paper misfeeds and
improving reliability. The "Empowered with Scan2 Technology" logo will highlight the Sharp products that feature this technology.
The best way to stay ahead is to double your productivity. Introducing Scan2 technology from Sharp. Sharp's Digital multifunction devices with Scan2 technology are designed to scan two-sided documents in a single pass. Now all your presentations, marketing strategies and inventory statements can be scanned, copied, e-mailed and digitally distributed quicker than ever before.

Scan2 Benefits
Sharp's innovative Scan2 technology enables a user to scan both sides of a double-sided document simultaneously. Below is a brief overview that will benefit customers when performing copier, scanning or digital document networking.

Copy Benefits
User scans/copies a double-sided document

  • Integrity of the original is maintained because it does not have to travel through the rollers of the machine 2 times.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in the office (less time at machine).
  • Standard tandem copy / print capability (N-Versions) over the network allows user to connect 2 multifunction devices in different locations and copy print simultaneously

Scan-to-Email Benefits
User e-mails scanned double-sided original documents as attachment to an e-mail address

  • Same as Copying Benefits, as well as:
  • Security: Sender authentication is password-protected via the organization's LDAP (Light Directory Access Protocol). User must enter their network e-mail password in order to scan
  • Time Savings: Administrator can link their network's e-mail address book to the scanning solution, so that they need not "manually" enter the network e-mail addresses book into the digital copier/scanner
  • Ability to enter "subject" and "cc" fields from Control Panel

Scan-to-Desktop Benefits
User e-mails scanned double-sided original documents directly to desktop

  • Same as Copying Benefits, as well as:
  • Sharpdesk™ enables user to OCR file and manage documents from their desktop. Software also allows user to search and index files for later retrieval

Document Filing Benefits
User scans double-sided original documents to FTP hard drive of a multifunctional device

  • Same as Copying Benefits, as well as:
  • Ability to store up to 20,000 pages on machine's hard drive (N-Version)
  • Password protect and name folders
  • Set print properties and change properties via web page to insure optimum output of scanned documents
  • Search folders / documents securely directly from Control Panel